After Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

Theatre Movement Bazaar (Los Angeles, USA)

Director and choreographer – Tina Kronis

Writer Richard Alger
Wardrobe Designer Ellen McCartney
Lighting Designer Richard Alger
Sound Designers Tina Kronis, Richard Alger
Musical Director and Arranger Wes Myers
Producers Jessica Hanna, Tina Kronis, Richard Alger

June 19, 20
Venue: Theatre of Nations (Main Stage)

Duration: 1 h 20 min without intermission


Supported by Embassy of the USA in Russia

“Conceived by the imaginative team of Tina Kronis and Richard Alger, and performed by members of the Theatre Movement Bazaar, Track 3 is a hilariously brilliant adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters. It is a delight to anyone with a passing knowledge of Chekhovs plays, but even those who remember little of Chekhov will be laughing at the sheer hilarity and inventiveness of this production.
Using a mélange of choreography, vaudeville gags and gestures, and a pinch of commedia dellarte, the company not only spoofs the mock seriousness surrounding Chekhovs work (which, truth be known, the playwright himself never intended), but also manages to plumb the more profound depths of Chekhovs message about the human condition. The production is a tour de force by a company that has been laboring in the vineyards of LA theater for more than a decade.”
Huffington Post Arts and Culture

Track 3 is unlike any adaptation I have ever seen. Its unabashed usurpation of an otherwise universally respected play is simultaneously endearing and thought-provoking. Refreshingly it succeeds in capturing and maintaining our attention, luring us into its Caroll-esque domain.
West and Wilma



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